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New Markets Tax Credit Services

Turner Patterson assists corporations, non-profit organizations, and municipalities in accessing funds from the NMTC program.  We suggest interested parties first determine if the contemplated real estate or corporate financing project qualifies for NMTC treatment.  If the project qualifies, Turner Patterson can work with you in contacting a CDE with an allocation of NMTCs to invest.  We specialize in structuring NMTC financings for firms seeking to raise pre-revenue financing and operating capital.

Turner Patterson’s New Markets Tax Credit team can assist in the following:

            NMTC Allocation Applications

  • Assist with the drafting of an application for a NMTC allocation in the upcoming round;
  • Analyze incorporation of NMTCs into a business plan;
  • Gather supporting documents and assembling financial, demographic and community impact data in support of a NMTC application;
  • Assist in negotiating and receiving conditional commitment letters from investors;
  • Upon issuance of any NMTCs, assist with the review and negotiation of the Allocation Agreement with CDFI Fund; and
  • Provide advice with respect to the identification, timing and documentation of Qualified Equity Investments.

Securing NMTC for Operating Capital for Corporate / Real Estate Projects

  • Identify a New Markets Tax Credit Allocatee to sponsor the project financing;
  • Negotiate the amount, timing and nature of the New Markets Tax Credits for the financing;
  • Structure the transaction to maximize the economic value of the tax credits to the financing, including evaluation of leveraged vs. non-leveraged New Markets Tax Credit structures;
  • Review LLC Operating Agreements, loan agreements and other related legal documents to ensure compliance with all applicable tax law requirements and to ensure consistency with the terms of the agreement with the tax credit investors and lenders;
  • Assist in implementing procedures to comply with ongoing administrative reporting requirements of the New Markets Tax Credit program

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